This Privacy Policy applies to, or simply Telehack.

Telehack is a non-commercial service operated for the purposes of education
and preservation of online digital culture. Telehack is a game, simulation
and digital museum. Actual hacking or discussion of actual hacking is not
permitted. Parental consent is required for users under 13 years of age.

Telehack users should understand that activities and data are logged and
may be visible to other Telehack users. These activities and data include:

 * first login, last login, last activity, idle time
 * username, status message, geographic location and IP address
 * days active, system connects and commands executed
 * information displayed by the FINGER command
 * names and locations of processes, executables and other files
 * information shared in chat and mail services, such as SEND and RELAY
 * individual lines and keystrokes typed at any time
 * other activities and information

Only one account per user is permitted. 'Alt-accounts' are not allowed.

In the event of an investigation, Telehack will work with local, state and
federal law enforcement. Queries from network providers will be followed up
with and checked against Telehack system logs.

This policy is subject to change without notice.
You may be removed from this system without warning.

Your further use of Telehack implies that you have read and agree to the
terms specified in this document.