This Privacy Policy applies to

Telehack is a non-commercial service operated for the purpose
of education and the preservation of online digital culture.
Telehack is a game, simulation and digital museum.


Telehack users should understand that their activities are
logged and may be visible to other Telehack users, including:

* telehack user name
* connection date and time
* connection IP address
* connection length, first access, last access, and idle time
* geographic location associated with the connection IP address
* process names and files
* information displayed by finger
* information shared in chat and mail services, including send and relay
* individual keystrokes typed into telehack at any time
* other activities

Please note that the password for your account is yours alone. It should
not be possible for another user to view your password at any time. If you
believe that another user has somehow obtained your password it is highly
recomended that you change it immediately with the 'set password' command

Telehack is a simulation; actual hacking or discussion of hacking is
not permitted on Telehack.

In the event of an investigation Telehack will work with local, state
and federal law enforcement. Queries from other network providers will
be followed up with and checked against Telehack system logs.